New edition of The European Actuary


The new issue of The European Actuary (Number 37 – March 2024) is now available and can be downloaded from the AAE website.

The theme of this issue is: Social Security

This issue's articles:

  • Planning ahead are our EU pensions and social security systems fit for the future?| with Andriana Sukova
  • Pension tracking systems: more than a service to citizens | by Jeroen van den Bosch
  • Current challenges of the German social security system | by Natalia Löfflad
  • Our woman in the Hague | with Agnes Joseph
  • The Italian Actuarial Congress: a step forward towards the global actuary | by Giampaolo Crenca
  • 3-year strategic plan: the AAE rises to the challenge| by Giampaolo Crenca
  • The impacts of rising inflation and interest rates volatility on Swiss pension funds liabilities | by Aurélie Furet
  • ESG for retail investors | by Servaas Houben
  • CONVENTION A |  by Dr. Daniel Jung
  • The importance of Thought Leadership | by Malcolm Kemp

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